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As one of the UK's leading providers for professional indemnity insurance, we'll make sure we get you the right cover at the right price.

At BNF Insurance we know how important professional indemnity insurance is in order to protect businesses that give advice or provide a qualified service to clients.

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It is invaluable for many specialists such as consultants, accountants, surveyors, etc, and it can pay compensation claims and legal fees that may arise if a client suffers a financial or professional loss due to negligence or errors in your own work.

If your business does give advice, expert services or handles data & intellectual property and even if you’ve done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself against these claims can be very high.

As independent brokers we will provide you with the correct cover to ensure that you are protected against claims for professional negligence, unintentional breaches of copyright or confidentiality, loss of documents or data and even defamation or libel.

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