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Glastonbury 2017 fashion

“Street style from this year’s festival as revellers battle scorching temperatures and storm warnings. With Royal Ascot almost over and Wimbledon just around the corner, this weekend it falls to Glastonbury Festival to provide the style material for the rest of us to pore over. And while last year was a total washout, this year has so far gone entirely the other way…” Read the full article from the Evening Standard here If you need fashion insurance or clothing insurance, […]

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Two Britons arrested by Spanish police over insurance fraud

Two unnamed British people have been detained in Majorca and will face an ongoing judicial investigation amid an alleged fraud scheme involving food poisoning claims. They are suspected of encouraging tourists to make bogus claims, with their supposed targets said to be British holidaymakers in hotels in Spanish town Alcudia. Read full article here

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Insurance premiums ‘set to soar’ after compensation changes

Average car insurance premiums could increase by up to £75 a year as a result of a government ruling, industry experts have said. A new formula for calculating compensation payments for those who suffer long-term injuries has been announced by the Ministry of Justice. Read the full article here

Police issue warning about fake social media insurance brokers

It seems catfishing has entered the world of insurance. Devon Live has noted that several reports of people responding to fake insurance brokers on social media have reached Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. In many cases, victims losing contact with the fraudsters once money has been transferred. Read the full article here

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Hastings £20m tax battle nears conclusion

Hastings is seeking a tax rebate, claiming UK operation isn’t insurer, says newspaper Read the full story here

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Does your dog have a seatbelt on?

If your dog is not wearing a seatbelt you could be breaking the law – read the full story here Or at the least it could invalidate your insurance – read more here

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Trailblazer Volkswagen to lead 45% drop in van claims

Trailblazer Volkswagen to fit new technology in all vans which will spark massive drop in frequency van claims Link to full article here